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What is ARThrob

ARThrob and all of its elements are currently in the planning stage and hopes to launch in November, 2020.

hrob will be an annual event like no other. Bringing together artists and enthusiasts from around the world, ARThrob celebrates interactive / ‘experiential’ public art
ARThrob is made up of four parts:
is made up
of four parts:
Set The World On Fire - The Art Of Burning Man World Tour
Showcasing the Art of Burning Man: As the first stop, Arlington will host numerous pieces of art from the current and previous year's Burning Man event, where they will reside for one year, then move to the next city on the tour.
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A Sleepless Night
Celebrating art through 'A Sleepless Night of Fire & Light' is a world class, all-night, public art event, free to the public, featuring works from the most recent (and past) Burning man event(s), as well as pieces by world renown and local artists, produced in collaboration with cultural arts organizations throughout the community.
Art Of The Possible - The Learning Module
Through artist lead presentations and hands-on workshops with a focus on creativity, training & inspiring, the presentations and workshops will draw and nurture artists from around the globe, as well as local artists, and establish a creative culture, branding Arlington as a creative culture destination and place to live, attracting like minded individuals as future residents.
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The Arlington Art Ball
Celebrating life & community through a unique fund raising event: The Arlington Art Ball is an elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theater, fashion and technology, in a circus atmosphere. An experience you won't forget!

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